Get Rid of Those Stubborn Carpet Stains

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Over the years, your carpet has gathered dirt, dust and various stains. Don't worry-Craftmaster Interiors, Inc can revitalize your floors with carpet cleaning services in Ijamsville, MD, Frederick, MD and the surrounding areas. Our vacuum system is portable, so we can clean carpets on any floor of your home or commercial property. You'll be amazed by how fresh and clean your carpets will be once we're done.

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3 signs it's time for a carpet cleaning

If you have a dark-colored carpet in your home, it can be hard to tell when it's time to get it cleaned. Here are three signs you need to get your carpets cleaned:

  1. You're experiencing allergy symptoms.
  2. Your carpet smells, especially when it's wet.
  3. Your pets have spent a lot of time on the carpets.

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How Do You Keep Your Carpet Clean?

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If you are searching for an easy way to keep your carpet clean, look no further than Craftmaster Interiors, Inc. We offer fast and affordable carpet cleaning services in Ijamsville and Frederick, MD.

We have a few tips to help keep your carpet fresh for a long time after a cleaning. Directly after a carpet cleaning, remember these three tricks:

  1. Avoid walking on the carpet or moving furniture back for 2-4 hours.
  2. Apply warm air to dry the carpets out.
  3. Use a carpet protector to minimize damage from spills.

You can also maintain your carpet by vacuuming regularly and cleaning spills and stains the moment they happen.

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3 tricks for cleaning upholstery

You want your furniture to be as clean as possible. No one wants to sit on a couch that has an unsightly stain. Cleaning upholstery can sometimes be tricky, so remember to keep these tips in mind:

  • Absorb spills quickly before they stain.
  • Vacuum your furniture regularly.
  • Identify the stain to determine the best cleaning method.

Remember that you need to clean the cushions as well as the covers, especially in the case of a spill. If you would like more information, call Craftmaster Interiors of Ijamsville and Frederick, MD today.